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Update: please note we are not accepting posts at the moment

contributorWe have a team of expert writers, but I’m always delighted to receive good quality, relevant articles that I believe our audience will value. Often these have been very well received – do look at some of the examples below.

I regularly get enquiries from people interested in writing a post for the Corporate Eye blog, and I do accept a few, though I reserve the right to decline any I feel are inappropriate for our audience.

Who is the audience?

Our service is aimed at corporate communications professionals, working in or for large companies. Our blog readership is wider than this, but we aim to be both professional and corporate in style, and positive in tone, identifying the good things that are being done by companies. Managing and maintaining the corporate website and other online communications isn’t easy!

Our audience is likely to be interested in one or more of the following:

  • annual reports, and CSR reporting
  • brand
  • careers and employer branding
  • corporate communications
  • corporate ethics
  • corporate governance
  • CSR (corporate social responsibility)
  • corporate websites
  • investor relations
  • social media for business
  • stakeholder engagement

Have you got something to say about any of those, or about something else relevant? Perhaps an unusual angle, or some views on public sector vs private, small business vs major corporates? I’d love to hear it…

Guidelines for submission

If you are interested, here are our guidelines:

  • most importantly
    • it must be relevant to our audience
    • it should be written in good quality English
  • in addition:
    • the article should be at least 500 words. I’m not going to be precious about the exact number of words; this point is here to indicate that the article should have some genuine content
    • it must be your own original content, and not published anywhere else before
    • it should not include any affiliate or promotional links

Please note: we do not run advertisements on this site and nor do we accept sponsored posts. Also, links will be assigned rel=nofollow if they are not directly relevant to the subject of the post.

How to propose a post

I’m getting an ever-increasing number of generic emails offering a post on an unspecified topic and requesting a link to an unspecified site. I no longer have the time to respond to all of these.

I will delete these emails and will not reply..

So, to avoid the delete-button, please:

  • propose a topic – please see the description of our audience and their likely interests above
  • provide a link to a post or other writing that you’ve already had published, so I can see whether we’re likely to be a good match.
  • AND please include the word ‘digicomms’ in the subject of your email, so I know you’ve paid attention to this page.

Please do discuss your topic idea with me first – send me an email – so we can both be sure the topic is likely to be a good fit. I know it takes ages to write a good post!

What to send when the post is written

  • a short 1-3 sentence biography
  • the article as a text file, in HTML code, or as a Word document

Please do not send any images unless either you own them, or you can demonstrate that they may be freely used (supplying the Flickr link and rights, for instance), or they are screenshots, to avoid any copyright issues.

Do bear in mind that I reserve the right to decline the article if it doesn’t ‘fit’, even if we’ve agreed a potential topic. It could be a very good article, but if it doesn’t seem like a good fit for our blog, I may decline to publish it. I might also ask for some changes, such as removing inappropriate links and/or adding new ones. I will discuss this with you first.

Where to send it to

Me! I am Lucy Nixon, Editor.

What about joining the team?

Occasionally we do recruit new members of our blogging team; if we have any job openings in this area, we’ll post them on our jobs page. If you can’t see a link to a jobs page, then I’ve taken it down because there are no openings at the moment.

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