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Social Media in a Corporate Context

It’s that time again…

Long-standing readers will remember that I’m a fan of the Social Media in a Corporate Context conferences organised by Communicate – and have been to several of the UK-based ones. The next one is coming up on June 2, in London, at The Grange St Paul’s Hotel (between St Paul’s Cathedral and the Millennium Bridge)

The programme seems to get stronger every time. Though the programme this year offers case studies in multiple stakeholder areas – investor relations and corporate social responsibility, for instance – and a panel discussion of crisis management, it also focuses on considering some of the ‘meta’ aspects of social media in a corporate context:

  • regulation by the ASA – and a case study on influencing other regulators
  • relationship between social media and the business strategy
  • using social media on extended platforms and technologies
  • and the future of social media.

Last year, highlights for me were:

This year? I’m looking forward to finding out. Speakers come from a wide range of companies, including TalkTalk, Tata, BBC, Microsoft, Pepsi, Unilever, Visa…

Book now: there’s a discount available for friends of Corporate Eye. That’s you!

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