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According to research compiled in an infographic by Offerpop, the United Kingdom has the highest proportion of social networkers in the world (52%). In fact, 95% of 16-20 year olds in the U.K. have logged into Facebook in the last month. However, social media penetration in the U.K. is highest in the 25-34 year old demographic, followed by the 18-24 year old and 35-44 year old demographics, respectively.

In the U.K., social media is … Read the rest

We live in an age of multiple information channels.

In the old days, information for investors was principally delivered via paper in the form of press releases and annual reports, supplemented at times by a company actually speaking to an investor. Those were simpler times when markets moved at a slower pace.

Today, investor relations departments need to think in terms of their message being conveyed via a number of channels, each with its advantages … Read the rest

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Video marketing and brand storytelling are two of the hottest trends in marketing today, but most brands are still missing the mark when it comes to creating brand video content that consumers actually want to watch and share with their family and friends.

New research from the New York Times Consumer Insights Group revealed that 78% of video viewers watch videos to be entertained and 71% watch videos to laugh.

These are the top two … Read the rest

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There is a significant gap between the goals of multi-screen advertising and the reality. That’s according to a study conducted by Nielsen and the Association of National Advertisers (ANA): 2013 ANA/Nielsen Optimizing Integrated Multi-Screen Campaigns.

The study found that 48% of marketers believe multi-screen advertising campaigns are very important to delivering their brand marketing messages to consumers yet only 24% have actually executed a multi-screen ad campaign. Given the fact that 88% of marketers … Read the rest

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Research from Octoly tells us that owned media generates 25 million YouTube video views for brands, which is a drop in the bucket compared to the 300 million views that brands get from earned media. However, brands aren’t effectively tracking that earned media or using it to calculate return on investment.

Octoly researched 1,000 brands, 28 million videos, and 9 million YouTube channels, and found that 500 billion user-generated video views were not being tracked … Read the rest