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Social Media Happens Up North Too

northI’m allowed to say that, because I’m from Teesside.

I know there are points north of there (I’ve even visited a few) but for many living in the south, anywhere above the Hull/Bristol line is the Frozen North – and there may even be dragons.

So I’m delighted that Communicate Magazine are bringing their very successful Social Media in a Corporate Context to Manchester.

OK, Manchester isn’t very far north, and is less than 2 hours by train from London these days, but it’s a start, right? Next stop Newcastle – or Edinburgh, perhaps.

I’ve been to both SMCC conferences so far, and have thoroughly enjoyed them, so I can wholeheartedly recommend this one.

Iit looks as though there’ll be a return of the excellent Social Media Newsroom X-Factor session, a session on social media reputation management and a debate about crowd-sourcing, as well as a couple of sessions on community development (internal and external), one on engaging Gen-Y, one on crisis comms, and more… Speakers will be from many organisations, including First Direct, Manchester Airport, Boots, VisitBritain, Lloyds TSB, Scania, DHL and the NHS.

Communicate Magazine have also invited Molly Flatt from 1000Heads to talk about word of mouth; as someone who’s been on the receiving end of ‘a hug from a corporate’ via the work of 1000Heads (in another role), I’ll be particularly interested to hear her speak.

For those of you who get a lot out of these conferences (all of you, surely?) there’s a chance to shape next year’s programme to suit your needs, by becoming a Pacesetter now – and you get a second conference seat for free, as well as a year’s subscription to Communicate magazine.

This autumn’s conference is going to be on the 19th October, at the Palace Hotel in central Manchester. More details available on the Communicate Magazine events pages, but if you’re quick, there’s a discount of £50 if you book before 31 August.

So come and visit Manchester! These days Manchester is my closest city (yes, I too have moved south); perhaps see you there?

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Yes theres more up north than flat caps and whippets!

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