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Want to talk to Coca-Cola?

I have now managed to get onto Coca-Cola’s new mini-site (launched on Wednesday, apparently). I couldn’t find it before because the link from the press release didn’t seem to work – now there’s something that should always be checked – but Google found it for me. Of course.

Do you think this site is designed only for the British? It has a UK URL, and the audio clip used of their focus group contains some quite strong northern British dialects, which maybe people coming across this from abroad may struggle with. It reminds me very strongly of the Nick Park adverts for electricity … and if it is UK only, why?

This is an opportunity for people to ask questions of Coca-Cola, and receive answers within 3 days if the question is fairly straightforward. Some questions have already been posted covering the product, the health issues and corporate social responsibility. Answers have also been provided though these are questions that may have been raised during the focus groups used in developing this tool, and do look very like FAQ, so may have been pre-loaded.

It is easy to ask a question, and to rate the answers so far provided. I’ve done both, and although my rating appeared instantly, I’ve yet to receive an answer – I’ll let you know if I get one.

But there’s more. The site is set up so visitors can register for alerts, and interested people can apply to become part of the conversation – part of the consultation panel, as it were – requiring 1 or 2 days over the next year.

I think this is a great way of identifying people with strong views on Coca-Cola’s industry (for or against) and engaging them in discussion. And Coca-Cola deserves credit for putting a transcript of the audio clip on this tiny site.

I’ve seen Ask the CEO pages on other sites (I’m sure Sainsbury used to do it), but this is a very pleasant and friendly way of handling this type of interaction – and couldn’t it be used as part of a general FAQ section too?

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Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me what the objectives of the stakeholder’s of Coca Cola are. And also if any conflicts have arisen due to these objectives. I would very much appreciate if you could get back to me.

Hi Kati

We’re not part of Coca-Cola here at Corporate Eye, so I don’t know the answer to your questions. However, you could pose the question directly to Coca-Cola here: (UK site) or via the main corporate site here:

I’ll put this information up on the post on our site too, in case anyone else has a question.

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