Corporate Eye

Virgin Atlantic Gets a Makeover


I recently noticed on Virgin Atlantic advertising, the use of this new, thin typeface. Not very attractive I thought, and I hoped they hadn’t changed their logo. They haven’t have they? Oh dear. Yes they have. Are they mad? The current version is only five years old, still looks great—and looks much stronger than this new, ill-conceived—in my opinion—bastardised typeface (it’s twaeked from a font called Gotham for nerdy designers out there, like me). And when you see the time-lapsed video of stripping and re-spraying all the old planes that must be several weeks work…? Well they must be mad? They current have a fleet of nearly 40 aircraft that will need doing. Look, I love and appreciate branding very much. And if a logo is nearing its sell-by date change it. But this is bloody daft. Virgin Atlantic, please save your dosh. Although I do like it on the fuselage…….

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