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We have discussed what Twitter is, where it came from, and how it evolved into a useful platform for business.

Next, we talked about who is using Twitter right now.  What companies have official Twitter accounts, companies using semi-official accounts, and how those relate to Investor Relations.

And now, the part you’ve all been waiting for.

Benefits of Twitter for IR

Twitter is a communications tool.  Of course, your website, all those emails … Read the rest

Don’t know how I missed this one, but Crédit Agricole is the largest retail bank in Europe. Their website suits this status. In the Profile section, click on Organization and access an informative visual that gives the visitor a quick view of how the company and its components are organized.

Next Economic Research is a major navigational component and for good reason. This section contains a robust supply of economic information on a very wide … Read the rest

Twitter keeps tweeting, should IR be listening?

The business community has been intuitively skeptical of Twitter’s possible utility to companies since it’s inception.  The list of reasons that Twitter would be useless to most businesses isn’t short.

The allowable message size is too small.  What could anyone possibly say in just 140 characters that would be of any value?  Users are primarily younger, technologically savvy teens, and twenty-somethings who don’t like to be “harassed” … Read the rest Read more


Take a look around in virtually any magazine, newspaper, trade publication, or website and you are bound to find numerous articles about Twitter, like this one here on Corporate Eye about creating value on Twitter.  Publications and webpages with a technical audience (and authorship) are likely to proclaim Twitter as the future of all communications, and issue grave warnings that you are already falling behind in this critical new universe.  Those resources dedicated … Read the rest Read more

Running an investor relations website is complicated enough.  Ensuring that data is posted in a timely manner, but not too early so as to upstage a presentation, or worse, drop into a regulatory spider web of sticky questions regarding public and non-public disclosure.  All while keeping both management and shareholders happy and informed.

In the past, we’ve looked at how investor relations provides information for employee shareholders, as well as the need to provide … Read the rest