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Phenomenal Facebook, Part 2: Corporate Recruiting

EY Facebook Wall

Global powerhouse Ernst & Young was the first major employer to implement a full-scale Facebook recruiting strategy.  That was at the beginning of 2007—and by September of 2008 (according to a story posted on Attracting Talent) their FB Careers page had 18,000 “fans.”  A year later (according to our own Facebook basics story), that number had almost doubled.

And today?  48,029 People Like the EY Careers page.

That’s a lot of folks.  In fact, about one-third the total number of people already employed by EY.  Among the Facebook fans are former EY interns and employees, as well as people who want to know more about opportunities at Ernst & Young.

As explained in the EY FAQ:

Facebook allows us to share the EY experience with people who are interested in the firm, and creates a way for interns and employees to stay in touch with one another. The group provides a forum for people to share their questions, experiences, and comments regarding the Firm, and we can let you know when we’re coming to your campus for “Meet the Firms” nights, career fairs, on-campus interviews and other events.

Visitors to the EY Careers page will find an Updates tab (with news and useful information), as well as tabs dedicated to the specific interests of students and experienced professionals.  On the Wall tab, people post (usually) relevant questions about EY opportunities and (sometimes) get answers.

EY Facebook Students

EY Facebook Experienced

EY Facebook Wall

There are no job postings—the Facebook version of EY careers is focused on showing off the employer brand, and on creating engagement.  And it’s engagement approach is so successful that I actually wanted to look around, even though I’m about as far away from an interest in accounting as it’s possible to get.

Ernst & Young is hands-down the poster child of corporate recruiting on Facebook.  So are there any other good examples out there?  Judge for yourself by visiting:

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Up next in the Phenomenal Facebook series: Enabling Facebook recruiting.

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