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Eliminate Reasons for Consumers to Shop Elsewhere: Homebase Diversifies and Appeals to Many (Including Me!)

Alright, I love it! I love the idea and new market segment that Home Retail Group is carving out for themselves. Based in the UK, they are certainly onto something that hopefully will catch on quickly in the UK and find its way fast to the U.S. Although there are many companies here in the U.S. who offer pet insurance coverage, I don’t find many that are affordable and marketed very much. Do you?

Pet insurance, although not a novel idea, but a very needed one for families who love their animals and feel that they are just as much a part of their families as each other. But, I think often many people are somewhat embarrassed by the idea of having pet insurance and placing high esteem of their pets as a family priority. I say to each his/her own and priorities are personal.

My husband and I are still contemplating getting the children a pet. He leans towards no, I towards yes. I don’t really know why we can’t agree to either do it or not do it. Although we lean heavily towards no, there are some days we look at them (the children) and think about how nice and cute it would be to see them with a little pet.

We are primarily “no” about it because we are wondering if they are mature enough and responsible enough to handle a pet. When my siblings and I were their age, my folks did the same thing. They waited and waited and waited until what they thought was the “right” age and then got us not only one, not two, but three dogs; two toy poodles and one mixed breed. We were in hog’s heaven, to say the least.

But is my family ready for a new addition to an already busy and crowded lifestyle? I also worry about the maintenance and expense that it takes to keep a pet and to properly take care of it. When something went wrong with a pet of ours when we were little, my parents would just take it to the vet, get it taken care of with medications, shots, etc., and then sit and dread the bill. We didn’t have the luxury or the peace of mind in knowing that we didn’t have to angst over a sick pet or almost go bankrupt to take care of it. Pet insurance? I say go for it!!

Corporate entities like Homebase offer several strategic points of sale that work well with their business premise. If you will notice on their site, they also offer multiple other services for the consumer that appeal to the masses. Simply offering one service like pet insurance will invariably lock them into a market and create a situation that makes it hard for them to make a profit. Diversity is the key for any corporation who is trying to make a profit and make a name.

What other kinds of services does your corporation offer? How can you diversify your offerings and still appeal to the masses as much as possible?

Thanks Homebase for giving me (or rather, eliminating) reasons why I should just go ahead, bite the bullet and get the children a pet. I’m sure they will be happy!

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