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The US’ Financial Crisis Inquiry has concluded with a set of damning conclusions (PDF). These are:

  • it was totally avoidable and caused wholly by people’s catastrophic mistakes
  • failures in regulation and supervision had a devastating effect
  • failures in boardrooms were a key cause
  • excessive borrowing, risk and a lack of transparency were all exacerbating factors
  • the US government’s ill prepared response added to the turmoil
  • there was a systematic breakdown in accountability and ethics
  • mortgage
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One of the biggest running sores in the landscape of CSR is the fashion industry.

Clothing manufacture in the UK (outside of Jermyn Street and Saville Row) appears to have all but died out and those garment factories which do still exist struggle to compete with cheap imports from the Indian subcontinent and China.

Trouble is the cheapness of those imports have generally come from grave human rights abuses which, for many a decade, passed … Read the rest

Facebook is getting more buzz this week with a new advertising program that will enable brands to sponsor user actions.  For example, a Facebook user’s “likes,” his page posts, and his check-ins via Facebook Places could all become content that brands can sponsor.  In simplest terms, brand can pay (based on a pay-per-click or pay-per-impression model) to boost that content up to special placement on the right side of the screen where Facebook ads typically … Read the rest

Last week Katherine Ratkiewicz, a Senior Research Analyst at the Human Capital Institute, published a thought-provoking post on one of the HCI blogs.  Ratkiewicz recaps recent events in the U.S. that have prompted a national discussion about civility, and suggests the discussion should extend to workplaces as well as political institutions.

Office politics can be just as intense as any election campaign, and there’s no doubt that once toxic talk gets started in an organization, … Read the rest