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History of the Apple Logo and Lessons Learned


Hello, I found this article very interesting, but I still wonder about one thing. I recently heard a story about, what some consider the father of modern computers, Alan Turing. He did make some very significant contributions to science and technology that have made modern day computers possible. The relation to your article is his significance to computers, his personal life style, and how ultimately he died. Listening to the story, which can be found here, , I am wondering if the selection of Apple’s second logo had anything to do with Turing. He made major advancements in computing, he died from a poison apple, and he was homosexual in a time when it was very much misunderstood. To me it seems the Apple with the rainbow is a sort of dedication to the amazing minds of the past, the revolution of thinking outside the box, and to just be different.

My question to you is; is this just coincidence or was the colored apple meant to intentionally memorialize the father of computers, Alan Turing?

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