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Yum! That’s Good!

What is the best way to market your media message and create warm and fuzzy feelings in customers?

By giving.

Brand Awareness

Creating brand awareness and loyalty in customers start by sharing something that makes a difference in people. Giant corporate moguls often do this by creating grants, special opportunities or giving a portion of their products or services to consumers as give-a-ways. Many times, these perceived “marketing strategies” backfire, causing feelings other than warm and fuzzy and can set a tone for a bad name instead of a good one with customers. However, if their actions are successful, customers usually remember them for a long time, citing their generous acts as reasons to reward them with repeat business.

The largest restaurant chain systems, Louisville, KY based company Yum! Brands Inc. does create those warm and fuzzies by giving away what their trademark brand is…food. They have done this by partnering with the United Nations World Food Program and other hunger relief agencies to reach out and make a difference. Their efforts have touched the lives of over 1.6 million people globally, concentrating on areas where there is a significant impact on world hunger.

The Right Way

What’s remarkable about what Yum is doing is the way they have chosen to make a difference and the impact that it has world-wide. Instead of a corporation this size simply profiting and enjoying its profits, they have taken an interest in local and international global affairs and decided to make a difference. As a parlay into success in media relations, instilling brand awareness and maximizing their message, Yum! has done a wonderful job of and is an example to the value of this type of public relations. As the parent company to their fast-food restaurants like Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and others, they are a leading example of what and how community interaction on a significantly broader level can help any company achieve that coveted word-of-mouth advertising and the aforementioned “warm-and-fuzzies.”

When is Sharing Not a Good Idea?

Consumers have a special knack for seeing right through messages that are only interested in their dollars. They know when they’re being “sold” to and when the only thing the company is after is their business solely for the sake of having their business. To that end, corporations would be wise to be careful when they share goodwill or attempt to broaden the scope of their audience by using certain tactics. They should be sure that their motives are pure, although there is nothing wrong with marketing to gain new consumers. The key to this type of marketing strategy to be successful is to know what the boundaries are and avoiding them at all costs.

After the company has achieved their objective in consumer relations, they can then enjoy the aftermath of increased sales, increased exposure, a successful marketing message and all of he good word-of-mouth advertising it can stand.

Now, I’d say Yum!, that’s pretty darn good!

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