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Write a Brand Statement

brand statement pen Write a Brand Statement

We’ve all heard of mission statements and vision statements, but what about brand statements?  I think a brand statement is a critical element of strategic planning that should be written at every level of a business.  In other words, a corporate brand statement should be created as well as brand statements for each business unit, branded product line, and so on.

A brand statement is a touchstone for both employees and consumers to communicate the intrinsic value of the brand as well as provide direction for where the brand is going in the market.  A brand statement can motivate employees and define the company’s brand promise and message quickly and succinctly.  In other words, a brand statement cuts through the clutter and shouts out loud what the brand stands for in no uncertain terms.

A brand statement is more than a tagline.  It’s an expression of where the company is and a tool to guide the company in the future.  The brand statement is also the touchstone that every business decision should circle back to in order to ensure efforts don’t run counter to it.  For example, if a new product is under consideration, run it up against the brand statement to ensure it’s complementary.  In short, your brand statement can act as a consistency test to ensure your business efforts promote your brand rather than confusing consumers and hurting it.

Do you have a brand statement?  If not, create one, then communicate it to your employees, clients, business partners, consumers and anyone else who will listen.  Don’t just make a poster with the statement on it, hang it in the office and forget about it.  Instead, live your brand statement in every part of your business.

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 Write a Brand Statement
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