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Will the Palm Pre Smartphone Get Enough Exposure in Time?

Some sing the praises of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter for their businesses. There are some online marketing companies who use these platforms strictly for their exposure benefits.  They do have their advantages, and of course their disadvantages, but every business has to weigh them both to see if they are reaping the benefits and meeting the goals that they need to in order to say it’s “working for them.”

During a time when social media reigns supreme, companies use their social networking presence to market and showcase their new products. Recently, the Palm company used their marketing tactics with the popular Facebook platform to highlight their new-to-be-released Pre SmartPhone.

Although Palm only holds a small percentage of the market, they are positioned to possibly take back a fragment of that loyalty by offering a stiff, competitive product that rivals other brands.

Palm has just 4% of the U.S. smartphone market, according to IDC, while RIM leads with 55%, followed by Apple with 20%. (source)

Palm is using the Facebook site to create a buzz and engage consumers about what they can expect on the anticipated June 22 release date. As time goes on, surely the buzz will become greater and greater in hopes of lucrative sales that be a huge boost to the Palm corporation.

As of this date, the Facebook page for Palm only has 522 fans – not even 1000 or an even 600. But with their Twitter link, they have over 10,000 followers! With a release date a few short weeks away, will Palm be able to gain enough exposure and perhaps fans on their Facebook page that will transfer to store sales or online sales?

Facebook and Twitter serve two wholly different purposes, of which I won’t elaborate here since anyone who is a follower of either can appreciate the difference. But, Facebook does offer different (not necessarily more or better) features than Twitter, What do you think Palm can or should do in a short time to increase their Facebook exposure and page? What do I think? Glad you asked!

Since I am a big fan of social networking, I think they could gain a lot of exposure for this release by including their Facebook page link or logo on all of their advertisements. Even promote it on their Twitter page, perhaps. Facebook will allow for users to interact, see photos, elaboration on links and even talk among followers. Consumers want lots of information before they make major purchases, and social sites like Facebook and Twitter are ideal for sharing information.

Now, what do you think?

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