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Will A Media Hostage Situation Make Sarah Palin Talk?

Political talk around the blog-o-sphere has seen some pretty heated discussions in the last week or so with much of it centering around the United States Republican’s presidential nominee – Sarah Palin. With such a controversial figure, her personal life, her opinions, candor, politics and family have all been called into question by the media. Much of the wonder has been on:

1. What are her thoughts on foreign policy?

2. How will she juggle family responsibilities and the vice-presidential role, if elected?

3. What are her real qualifications for this office?

4. Why won’t she schedule an interview with the press or any other news media outlet?

The last question is the clincher that has got more news shows, talk shows and blogs fired up on just why this candidate won’t talk to the media. During her speech on the other night, she gave some rather flippant remarks about Obama/Biden and poked fun at them for their politics and experience. She wowed the crowd, made them laugh, cry, boo and scream. There were a myriad of emotions to be seen at the Republican National Convention as they embrace Sarah Palin as their new rock star. But, how long can she keep her rock-star status if she doesn’t face the media and start answering some tough questions?

As most people, entertainers and politicians alike, have realized is that the media is very powerful. Not necessarily accurate generally, but very, very powerful. The media can portray an individual and/or slant news stories and opinions in any fashion they choose, and often there isn’t anything the person can do about it. While no this is not fair nor is considered good journalism, the fact remains that the media can and does perform like this, and often. However, John McCain and Sarah Palin don’t seem to be overly concerned about this possibility and are content on doing things their way as it relates to the media, until they feel like they’re ready to give the media what it is they want. But will it be too little, too late?

What would happen if the media decided to hold their campaign hostage until they decided to talk to them? Where would that place the campaign’s and the election’s fate? All the media wants is for Governor Palin to address various issues as it relates to her office as Vice-President and how she plans to handle certain hot-button issues. Although the media feels as if they are not asking for too much, the Republicans are simply not in any hurry to oblige them. Perhaps refusing to give them any attention, negative or positive, will be enough to draw them out and beg to be interviewed or even asked questions.  

With the power that the media wields, it perhaps would be in Madame Governor’s best interest to at least play nice with the media. With so much negativity and questions surrounding this newcomer-candidate, she needs all of the help she can get. Even if it does come with a ransom note that reads:

“Talk to us or your campaign dies!”

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