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Widgets are the new black

You’ll have seen the adverts for the UPS widget, which is designed to help you make better use of their services, and you probably also know about the EasyJet widget for booking flights. Both these tools are designed to help the user interact with the company – as well as make more sales.

UPS widget
UPS widget

Today I was sent the Daily Seed widget – “an alert service that sits on your desktop, delivering daily ideas for simple changes you can make for a friendlier future for generations to come”. It’s well targeted but it comes from Proctor & Gamble – perhaps not my first choice for ecological living.

However, from their point of view, the idea is great – if I downloaded the widget, every day I’d get a prompt about one or other of their products, and how using it can help solve the climate change issues (e.g. using Ariel at 30C), mixed in with some links to other ecological sites. No doubt some people will download it, and make some of the changes that they suggest, which is great – and P&G get branded as green while selling more product.

A new marketing technique.

So the question is – what services do you provide that you could make available on people’s desktops? Or what information can you provide? After all, the P&G widget isn’t really a way of integrating the customer’s desktop with their services, but just a different way of providing information.

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Hi pickel – thanks for visiting, and for your comment. Widgets clearly are the in-thing!

Yes, they are. In fact…I was approached by Blistful to help create this free widget. They wanted to use my info, as they are trying to use lists in widgets now.

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