Corporate Eye

The Corporate Eye Benchmark Tool

corporate eye website benchmark toolWe have a unique, powerful and flexible online system to measure the effectiveness of your website and to help you generate ideas for improving it.

Features include:

  • 1,000 criteria in our base framework with 3,000 examples
  • Optional 500+ criteria for custom areas, for example
    • B2B sales and marketing
    • Customer focus
    • Industry specific areas
  • Criteria defined by domain experts inside and outside of the company, for example, we worked with:
    • Transparency Matters on Risk
    • Goldmill Consulting on Debt sections
    • and Interpares on Diversity
  • Target audience opinion is built in. We consulted, for example:
    • IR Society
    • HR Society
    • a Fund Manager
    • a Stock Exchange
  • Weightings, which were originally defined by our beta test group of 10 FTSE 100 companies and are reviewed periodically as we add further categories of criteria
  • Reputational themes built, for example:
    • being seen to be innovative
    • people focused
    • well run etc
  • Ability to set up custom views to match with client measurement requirements with custom criteria, weightings and themes,for example to match brand values or communication priorities
  • Gap analysis, criteria popularity and historic tracking tools
  • Scores are maintained.

Our criteria represent embedded consultancy. No other benchmarking system provides this depth, flexibility and extensibility.

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