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What To Say: 4 Things That Can Make Your Corporate Blog Get Noticed

No doubt that if you have a corporate blog on your site, you’ve run into the trouble before of not having material to write about. At one time or another, most any corporate blog has had that same issue and has had challenges in finding a solution to it. In these days when blogs are dominating the internet and there are blogs ranging everywhere from business to personal to unusual topics, the main goal of any blog is to get it noticed. To get it to stand out from others in the crowd. To get readers to read the blog and then participate (if they should be so lucky!) Blogs have become more than just a journal of one’s daily happenings or a list of lunch buddies. Blogs have become an integral part of businesses and their dealings with their core audiences. Their main goal is to simply get read. But how?

Who Do You Read?

What sites or blogs do you frequent on a daily basis? Which blogs appeal to you? Why? Is it the graphics? Do you know the blogger personally and visit out of obligation? Or, is there truly a wealth of information on the site that you look forward to reading on a frequent basis? In other words, does the blogger write in such a way that it keeps you coming back for more and more? And more?  If you find that you are signing on to a particular blog or set of blogs on a daily basis to read what has been posted, you have just discovered the first way to get your corporate blog to stand out and get noticed:

1. Provide Invaluable Content

This would not be the content that is regurgitated from somewhere else or general information that can be found anywhere on the internet. You want to provide invaluable content to your reader from your own experiences and the experiences of others. Give your readers something they can use now and something they can use later. Keep them coming back for more. One site that I visit on a daily basis is Copyblogger because of the immense wealth of information that I get there. The site is primarily for those who are professional bloggers and writers and the blog host, Brian Clark, provides frequently-published  rich content given by himself and guest authors.

2. Be Personal

This doesn’t mean sharing your daily lunch schedule, or talking about your pet Puddles, or telling us what you did on your vacation last month. Although at times, this would be acceptable. No, what this means is simply letting your readers know that you are human. Don’t talk in the third person or a distant tone. If you have a business strategy to share with your readers, share it by telling them your experience with the strategy as well. Let them see the advice in action. Share with them the mistake (if any) that you made in getting the strategy to work. Show them that there is a human behind the blog post. Your readers will thank you for it.

3. Engage the Readers

Talk to your readers through your blog. Ask them what they think, how they feel, what their experiences are your particular industry. Show the readers that you want to know how they feel and to hear their contributions. Now this doesn’t mean that you will release control of your blog to your readers, but it means that you will engage your readers to create a sense of community and dialogue within your blog. Naturally, if the tone of your blog is to increase readership and and participation, engaging the readers is the vehicle to do just that.

4. Link Out

There is an incredible post that I found the other day that I want to specifically list in this post because of the wealth of information contained in it. Peg at Network Solutions wrote a timely post on the immense benefits of Twitter. I bookmarked her page and will refer to it often because of all of the great information that she’s written. I’ve posted a link to her post here so others can enjoy it as well. Herein is the benefit and value of linking to others. You create social connections and you share valuable information with others. When there is a rich and valuable post made on your blog, others will reciprocate and you will also begin to reap the rewards. Link when appropriate, when necessary and as often as is possible.

What can you do on your blog today to increase its effectiveness? How can you increase your blog’s readership with your current posts?

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