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Wells Fargo — Good Communicator

The financial crisis has brought out the worst and, in a few cases, the good in companies. Corporate communications are typically lacking but in the global economic crisis, it has been woefully lacking.

An article from the Reputation Institute indicates–

…there is a huge under-performance in the communications profession in the US, the UK and continental Europe because of a lack of qualified personnel and a limited understanding of what communications practices actually make a difference.

However, one company Wells Fargo is doing an admirable job.

On the About Us there is a link to Financial Podcasts on quarterly earnings, as well as market recaps and perspectives. This is good but on this page you will see a link to the real storehouse of information in the Wealth Management Insights Center .

Here you will find —

  • Market updates
  • Retirement information
  • Special reports, such as the Housing Market
  • Strategies for business owners and more

Wells Fargo, along with most banks is not out of trouble. Due to financial risks, the bank’s stock price has fallen dramatically. So much that the share price is lower than book value (technically its liquidation value) per share. However, Wells Fargo is getting kudos for its communication efforts. It has won the following awards–

It may not be perfect, but at least trying to help customers through difficult times, it is doing a good job.

Image Source: BizAims (good article).

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Ed Konczal has an MBA from New York University's Stern School of Business (with distinction). He has spent the last 10 years as an executive consultant focusing on human resources, leadership, market research, and business planning. Ed has over 10 years of top-level experience from AT&T in the areas of new ventures and business planning. He is co-author of the book "Simple Stories for Leadership Insight," published by University Press of America.