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Video Blogging: The New Corporate Media Part III – One Company’s Example

Do you think your company can benefit from the splash that vlogging has made in the media industry? Strides have been made by large companies in the throes of making vlogging their choice of marketing towards consumers. One such company that has done so successfully is Mahalo. is currently running a fun and inviting contest called Mahalo VLOGIdol. They are trying to choose another host for the site and are “auditioning” potentials to see if there are any good fits. This is such a good public relation idea because:


1. It gives the editors at Mahalo a chance to see the candidates “live” and get a feel for their personalities and style.

2. It’s good exposure for Mahalo because attention of this type draws in crowds and readers. People anticipate who’s “next” in the round of cuts and comments.

3. It gives a fair shot to anyone who’s interested in trying out for a host assignment with large online presence. If you can convince the editors that you’re the right candidate for the job, you’re in.

With contests like the one Mahalo is offering, companies can take a queue from them and use this same type of strategy in developing a vlog of their own. Maybe there won’t be contests or prize give-a-ways, but the idea here is to maximize the vlogging platform to bring your business as much exposure as possible. Find ways to appeal to your customer base and give the customers what they want!

Taking another cue from the Mahalo folks, Jason Calacanis, the CEO of Mahalo shares in this blog post  what his idea on the future of vlogging is for the media world. To reiterate, this entrepreneur has taken an idea and evolved it into a traffic-drawing magnet for the Mahalo blog and his online business. Capitalize on the presence that your company has online and make it work for you. Here is an excerpt from Jason’s post on the things that he wants to achieve with the online presence.

  1. Entertain people
  2. Inform people
  3. Represent and build the Mahalo brand
  4. Be a creative outlet for the Mahalo team

Although all four of these items are essential, pay special attention to #4. Represent and build the Mahalo brand. Isn’t that exactly what you want to do for your company? Of course!

What would you like for your company to mimic from Mahalo? How soon can you start a vlogging campaign for your corporation? Do you think it would be beneficial?

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