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Video Blogging: The New Corporate Media – Part II

What Ways Can My Company Benefit From Vlogging?

Vlogging is a combination of video plus blogging and is not a new concept to the business world. Although it’s not new, it’s use of it in online businesses to grow businesses is a concept that is still catching on and making headway in many corporate media sectors. Large companies, both online and offline use the idea of vlogging to bring their business concepts to the forefront of mainstream industries and to give their financial health a much-needed boost in their bank accounts. It is a concept that if properly utilized and strategically marketed, can be a phenomenal addition to media relations and marketing strategies for any business.

Companies can benefit in a myriad of ways, the least of which include a level of branding for the company and any products or services that has the potential to make them a household name. Since branding and brand awareness is an integral part of any business’s model and structure, it is highly preferable to have a video blogging marketing strategy that establishes the company firmly in its niche area. When a corporation is in the blogosphere on a regular basis, their name(s) become synonymous with their product or service. Couple that exposure with video and the company has the (potential) base to explode their sales and service quotas. Vlogging can be a significant boost to any company’s arsenal of marketing power.

Some of the venues that corporations and small businesses alike can use in their vlogging quests are popular social sites like MySpace, YouTube and Yahoo! Video. There are numerous others, but these social networking sites are more frequently accessed and have more general exposure to corporations and online businesses targeted towards consumer and business markets. As a matter-of-fact, many businesses use these sites exclusively to promote their product or service and to publicly announce new product lines and changes in their business offerings.

Tangible Vlogging Benefits

Here are some other areas of benefits where companies can make an impact in the business industry with vlogging:


This is undoubtedly one of the major benefits of vlogging for businesses. The exposure that video blogging can bring to any business can be hard to quantify without trackable resources. However, one way to definitely place tracking on this marketing technique is by the number of clicks and comments, if any, left by those that view your video uploads.


Video blogging can be wondrous for a company’s image, no matter what the industry, product or service may be. When customers see the business in action, hear the CEO discuss plans or developments in their niche and get an idea of what direction the company is headed, customer confidence increases and sales likely follow. It also instills good will in customers and exuberates an air of stability and responsibility on behalf of the company.


As touched on in Image, consumer confidence is also a potential beneficial increase as a result of video blogging. Economic crises that plague various industries can be attributed to consumer confidence, or, the lack thereof. Instilling or reinforcing that confidence through vlogging can be a plus for large corporations. 

Increased Sales

Finally, what company would not enjoy an increase of sales or an influx of new customers for their business? Video blogging is NOT guaranteed to give the business that, but does offer a leg of potential sales increase by being in front of the consumer on a regular basis.

What other benefits of vlogging can you offer that you think adds to a company’s marketing strategy? Does your compnay vlog? Has it worked well for your industry?

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