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Verizon Diversifies Its Market Presence To Latina and Hispanic Communities

Cultural diversification in the workplace community is an exciting issue for businesses as it helps the business in developing a more personal touch. Businesses that have a strong cultural diversification department and systems in place to ensure fairness are more apt to enjoy long-term business success. Many companies who reach out to its customer base are offering products or services to enhance their existing revenue base. However, companies like Verizon make measureable goals to reach customers through their human resources by employing people of varying cultures, backgrounds and racial groups.

Just recently, Verizon made headline news because of their commitment to racial and ethnic diversity in their hiring practices. Because of this, Verizon has been listed as one of several businesses who stand out in making a difference in ethnic and diverse corporate communities.

Hispanic Business Magazine, for the fourth consecutive year, has named Verizon to the Top 15 of its Diversity Elite 60, an annual list determined by more than 30 variables that measure companies’ commitments to Hispanic hiring, promotion, marketing, philanthropy and supplier diversity.

What is notable about Verizon is their commitment to corporate diversity and their focus in hiring varying racial and gender specific people, in an effort to show that they are in fact culturally aware.

At Verizon, women and people of color constitute nearly 60 percent of the workforce and 44 percent of the company’s top management team. Partnerships with colleges and universities, as well as with professional and community-based organizations, serve as the cornerstone of Verizon’s recruitment strategy.

Companies who are naturally focused on diversity within their business are noticed almost immediately by consumers who want to do business with companies that are considered “politically correct.” In other words, companies that take an interest in subjects that are perhaps not as mainstream as other topics are more likely to affect certain segments of the population and garner a share of that business. In Verizon’s case, because they are culturally diversified in their hiring practices, consumers notice and take note of this and often choose to do business with them based solely on that reason.

What else besides increased business can companies gain by being culturally sensitive? How does being diverse in hiring practices affect the mainstream? Do you think people automatically support diverse hiring practices or lean favorably towards those that do?

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