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Twitterers Share Their Micro-Blogging Tips

All you need is 140-characters, and you can see a difference. Perhaps a short daily blurb about business developments and changes is all it takes to make an impact.

Has your company embraced the Twitter craze yet?

No doubt that the Twitter craze has taken the internet by storm, but have you or has your company yet embraced what it has to offer? Or, are you still going to “wait it out” and see what the outcome is going to be? Don’t worry. Many others are waiting too.

A Loyal Following

A social networking force to be reckoned with, it certainly has positioned itself to be an extremely powerful tool for bloggers and corporations, harnessing the power it needs to propel itself to the next level of online marketing. With only 140 characters or less, the Twitter followers have made an impact on the web.

Today while I was perusing my followers and those whom I followed, I was able to glean a wealth of information and great links of information that helps me as a blogger and writer. There are a lot of knowledgeable people on Twitter, many of whom have internet-based jobs and use online tools like Twitter as their point of contact and as a business social tool also. How do you use Twitter? Is it working pretty good for you?


In the world of online trades and transactions, any marketer needs to be able to leverage the power of tools and resources and make it work for them. If not, then we are really all wasting our time, right? I mean, if we don’t take full advantage of every available, applicable resource, then what are we really doing but biding time? Twitter is like any other resource (but I am partial, of course) in that you only get out of it what you put into it. And, if you don’t put much into it, it can’t and it won’t work for you.

Many online marketers will beat their heads against walls, wondering why traditional methods aren’t working for them. They may change business goals even, just to get something to work. Why do that? Why angst? Just (effectively) use your available resources to work stronger and more powerful than just sit idle and do nothing. if you do, things will change and your business will grow. What can you do to make it work for you?

Here is a Youtube video where 100 Twitter share their all-important tips on how they make the micro-blogging platform work for them:

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