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Twitter: Intel takes on a new recruitment agency

How about this for a great new way of seeking a new hire?

Yesterday Intel put their first job up on their Twitter account JobsatIntel. If you were looking for someone with an interest in the web, whether technical or design, or someone interested in social networking, or even just someone who is likely to be au fait with the latest tools and feeds, you couldn’t do better than to post a mini-ad on Twitter.

Once here, it is likely to be picked up and passed around to people working in, or with an interest in, this area. This job is for a Graphics Validation Engineer. I don’t know what the job entails, but this may be the quickest way of getting the job description under the nose of someone suitable.

That is because it is quick and free, it capitalises on people’s willingness to do a favour for a friend (especially at no cost) and pass this on to them if they think it relevant, and it puts the job ad where the target market is – on the web, and well-connected.

I notice that Intel’s Twitter account has 22 people signed up to receive their Tweets, even though it has only been there a day. That is 22 people already who may act as recruiting agents on Intel’s behalf, at no cost.

You’ve got to love Intel’s ability to use the web to their advantage.

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