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Sweden’s Trelleborg Group: About, Risk and Governance

Eye appeal is important for selling houses, and it applies to websites too. Eye appeal was my first reaction to Trelleborg Group’s website

Trelleborg Group

Uncluttered, well laid out, tells what the company is about and links to key information. OK so far but is there “steak behind the sizzle”?

Yes there is content (steak) behind the good looks.

For example, the About Us page has a comprehensive menu of links to more information on the company. Below the picture, this page has the following information —

Nice menu of information to get a better understanding of the company.

Other Items of Note

The About Us page has a link to Code Of Conduct

This is an example of “Tone at the Top”, a short note promoting the Code signed by the CEO and the Chairman. There is more on this page–

How to apply the code

Every employee will receive a copy of the Code of Conduct and needs to understand and comply with it. The Code of Conduct organizes and summarizes existing Trelleborg policies and should be used as a support tool laying down the principles on which our day-to-day work is based.

Whistleblower policy

We have a system accessible to all employees for raising integrity concerns.

The 7 Golden Principles

What these principles imply in practice for Trelleborg’s employees and suppliers is described under three headings:

Trelleborg doesn’t just publish a Code of Conduct. They provide guidance concerning what the C-Suite expects employees and suppliers need to do to be in compliance with it. Other companies would do well to use Trelleborg’s approach as a benchmark for developing their own process.

Trelleborg has one of the best descriptions of Risk Management that I have seen —

However, to read the full description, you need to download a PDF The full Risk Management section from Annual Report 2008 (pdf). Suggestion for Trelleborg–make this more prominent via HTML.

Good job Trelleborg Group for a well designed website with rich content.

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