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Tracking Your Site’s Visitors

Managing your corporate website or blog online of course does have its benefits and perks. You get to enjoy the traffic that views your products or services daily. You get to enjoy the comments that well-wishers leave on your site. You even get to enjoy the link-love that other sites and journalists share as they cross paths with you on the vast internet commerce exchange known as the World Wide Web. But, do those things translate into anything tangible for you? Does it help you to see the innate value that your corporate business has and how it makes an effect on your business?

For instance, I am often amazed when I see people on social networking sites who have hundreds if not thousands of friends, followers or visitors. I wonder if these followers are not reciprocating the favor, or if the company is really creating value and piquing the interest of the follower.

Then there are the dozens of press releases that are published making announcements about the company’s developments or personnel changes. Again I wonder if these developments are really news-worthy or if they will amount to the boy who cried wolf…and no one listened when it really mattered.

What should be the goal then for websites or corporate blogs who actively track, count and pursue visitors? Should there be a mechanism in place to capitalize on the traffic’s activity? Or, should the site simply be content that there are visitors who simply want to share in the site’s content, images and presence?

Tracking visitors is very good, but should also add value to those that visit. Give them something that is of high “take away” value. Share advice, suggestions or tips. Allow a guest executive to blog or address your audience. Give your visitor a discount on any sales and services that your company provides. In a customer service fashion, give your customers a reason to come back.

If you Twitter, or are actively involved in any other social networking activities, what is your motivation for attracting visitors? What do you use as a gauge for “enough” visitors or “not enough” traffic? Do share!

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Bridget Wright

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I am a freelance writer, blogger and professional motivational speaker. I primarily focus on business content, offering my clients strategic marketing strategies for their businesses. I have been an entrepreneur for over 13 years, after having worked extensively in corporate America.