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Thrift and the corporate website

Thrift and the corporate website

Are you really making the most of your corporate material? All of it?

I was with a motion-graphics designer the other day, and he showed me some of his showreels … which included quite a bit of communications presentations, film and Flash work for major companies. You’d have heard of most of these companies, and I’ve visited their websites. Often.

Yet this fantastic work that he’d developed, that was being used for internal conferences or for trade-show backgrounds, wasn’t available on their websites.

I wonder why not?

Internal communications … I can see that there might be something that wasn’t to be communicated outside the company. But how difficult would it be to get that bit edited out?

Trade-show work … that’s already been made available to the public, hasn’t it?

It just seems like such a waste. Not only of these beautiful pieces of work, but of the money and time spent on developing them. A bit of re-use, particularly in these straitened times, can go a long way.

What visual material have you developed in the past that could be re-used on your site, either as it is, or in another form?

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