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This Week on Corporate Eye

This week on Corporate Eye

  • Teens Loud and Strong in Word-of-Mouth Marketing
    A report from the Keller Fay Group, reported by BrandWeek, delivers interesting results related to a year-long research study.  According to the study, the hyper-social lives of teenagers helps brands.  It turns out, teens are responsible for a “disproportionate amount of word-of-mouth about products and services.”
    What amazes me from this study is not that teens […]
  • Wildlife Trust Rebrands as EcoHealth Alliance
    Wildlife Trust is a nonprofit organization that began in 1971 with a focus on wildlife conservation, but over the past 20 years, the organization has expanded its focus to include conservation medicine based on research about the relationships between ecosystems and animal and human health around the world.
    Throughout the past two years, the organization’s board […]
  • More Skydiving: Adventures in Employer Branding with the U.S. Army
    There’s anybody-can-do-it skydiving . . . and then there’s “Army Strong” skydiving.  Just take a look at  the illustration on the right for an example of that second category!
    Here’s the photo caption:
    At a zero angle of attack, better known as a “No Lift Dive,” Sgt. 1st Class Cheryl Stearns, from the U.S. Army Parachute Team […]
  • Target Precisely and Measure What Matters
    I recently invited Hilary Briggs, an experienced company director and consultant, to give us her thoughts on media measurement. She asks:
    Is your message really hitting home? Ignore the data at your peril.
    “Key messages don’t always hit the target group with the desired level of impact”.
    Unfortunately this is far too common a problem in the […]
  • Two Colors Dominate Web Branding
    In a recent article on, the two most popular colors for brands on the web were determined to be blue and red.  In fact, blue and red aren’t just in the lead — they dominate the web.  Take a look at the image showing just a handful of logos for major players in the […]
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