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The Twitter Phenomenon: Connect with Social Networking Before It’s Too Late!

The Twitter Craze

It’s catching. Twitter that is. Large corporations and even home-based businesses alike are all catching on to the Twitter phenomenon! They are making it work for their businesses as they develop their social networking prowess, establishing business connections and social circles. Networking sites like Twitter (which is the most popular one), are quickly becoming a tool that businesses are using to grow their brand and bring exposure to their companies. It’s starting to make a powerful impact on companies of all types of sizes, industries, personalities, etc. The site at Let’s Talk Trade Shows blogged about how Twitter phenomenon caused them to make full, productive use out of what Twitter did for their business. Even though the blogger seemed at first not so interested in the Twitter craze, she soon learned to embrace the idea and make it work for her business. 

Profitable Social Networking

What corporations are starting to notice about the Twitter phenom is how profitable the concept is for their business. To follow a company, any company on Twitter is not difficult to do at all. As a matter of fact, companies want and encourage other Twitterers to follow them. There is no other more creative way to gain organic followers or those who are genuinely interested in your business or product. What some companies are doing (and is proving to be highly profitable for them), is offering deals, discounts and company updates that can be used almost immediately to transfer customers and build long-lasting relationships. Even if companies don’t try to sell a product directly on their first connect, they’re establishing a connection that will perhaps serve its purpose later.

The news reporting site, News Factor, reportedly blogged that Dell directly benefited from the exposure and value that Twitter’s presence has on the internet. Dell’s success has been noted to the tune of over $1 million in revenue and is still tallying its profitability. Dell informs customers via their tweets about discounts, deals and and other marketing resources. The social networking venue has proven to be quite profitable for the folks at Dell. 

The Future of Tweets

There is a lot of speculation that Twitter will eventually monetize their site and its popularity will possible explode, exponentially. If corporations or entrepreneurs have considered using Twitter for their business, now is the time to explore that option and make it happen. It could stand to reason that after Twitter builds and presents a solid business model, there could be some sort of “buy-in” introduced and possibly be harder to get in. However, for a business that’s already established, has a Twitter presence and strong social connections, the transfer for them can be without stress.

Social networking is definitely here to stay and should be cultivated for the long term. If corporations use it as an effective marketing tool, gives it the right amount of dedication and attention and fully understands the impact of social networking, the potential for any business to grow is almost inevitable. If you haven’t, you should. Now is the time to make the Twitter move. It will be a move that you will NOT regret.

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Great post. I completely agree that companies need to start getting on the Twitter bandwagon. It is a great service to market, communicate and sell products/services.

Hi Koka! I see that you are on the Tweet bandwagon. It’s definitely a must-do for any socially-connected business.

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