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The Training Overview

Career Expectations
Training is one factor that many graduates actively consider when they are looking for favorable career opportunities. This is why companies and organization should focus on making their “training program” more appealing to the graduate sector.

Your Way, Your Strategy
Simply stating that the company offers extensive training is not enough to attract the quality graduates that your company needs. One thing that graduates usually want is information and making sure that they have this would encourage them to apply. This does not mean that all information should be disclosed, it just means that information which is relevant should be highlighted and included in this list.

BT Training

BT Training

Based on my research, I discovered two innovative and very informative company websites which provide details on the training that graduates would be receiving once they join the company.

Telecoms company BT provides details of the training schedule for different career paths; and retail giant Macy’s also shows the benefits of training through highlighting the 17 core courses which would be given to graduates assigned to different fields.

In terms of highlighting training for graduates, companies should use different strategies but as I mentioned, one important thing here is information. Training is given for graduates to enhance their skills and at the same time to help the company. Having a detailed and informative training overview could help in attracting and selecting good candidates for the position.

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