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The Secret to Success for Social Media Sites

What is it that can make a social site like FaceBook or MySpace unquenchable to other heavy Internet competitors? What keeps these sites from going under when a new, more fun and exciting site is launched and (seemingly) everyone goes over to the new kid’s playground to play? How can social media sites make themselves unstoppable? What is the key?

Digg, Stumble and Twitter, Oh My!
There are only a handful of social media sites that are so common, you don’t even have to offer an explanation of who or what they are when used in a sentence. Sites like Digg, StumbleUpon and Twitter have become so entrenched in the mental landscape of Internet users, that to even think of using a different site can be almost offensive to people. Users find what works best for them, use it to its maximum and passes the word along to others. There are very, very few sites that can tout this user-loyalty, and, never will they say that it was an easy task to win the hearts and admiration of their readers.

The one notable factor that these social media sites can say resonates, among other factors, is their dedication to consistency. Users can be very serious, and rightly so, about their technology and their expectations of it. In other words, they want it to work when they need it and want it to work. Outages are understandable, periods of down time are also understandable, but users can be unforgiving when a site promises one thing and fails to deliver. Or worse, they deliver something altogether different.

Gauging Consistency

The secret to success for social media sites is not a mystery. Consistency is key and the ability to fully deliver the product is desirable and demanded. Sites like Twitter have enjoyed immeasureable success because they have harnessed the ability to remain consistent yet flexible in a fast changing social media world. How can that be? Twitter boasts the 140-character micro-blogging interface where users can make snappy, quick posts multiple times in a day or at one sitting. They have never veered from that platform. They have not implemented any other tool that would take them from the premise that they are “quick and easy.” They have not included the ability to upload videos, display photos or images or even the option to upload a podcast. They have not tried to market themselves as a full-service blog, and therein lies the beauty of their micro-blogging platform. They keep it simple. Of course, if users desire more, they are welcome to find other programs and platforms that fit their needs. However, part of the success that I’m speaking of is utilizing a particular platform for what it is specifically intended for to its maximum use.

How can your social media presence be successful? Deliver your goods promptly and as accurately as possible without veering away from your purpose. Simple as that. Users want what they want and expect you to deliver just what you say you will. Give them anything different, and they will seek consistency in other areas.

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