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The Real Reasons People ‘Like’ Brands on Facebook

A report released by ExactTarget reveals some interesting insights into the real reasons why people “like” brands on Facebook.  In an April 2010 survey reported by eMarketer, ExactTarget asked participants what their motivations were for “liking” a company, brand or association on Facebook.

The main reasons according to the study are listed below:

  • 40% = To receive discounts and promotions
  • 39% = To show my support of the company to others
  • 36% = To get a freebie such as free samples or coupons
  • 34% = To stay informed about the company’s activities
  • 33% = To get updates about future products
  • 30% = To get updates about future sales
  • 29% = For fun or entertainment
  • 25% = To get access to exclusive content
  • 22% = Someone recommended it to me
  • 21% = To learn more about the company
  • 13% = For education about company topics
  • 13% = To interact, share ideas, and provide feedback

The most interesting point about this data is that three of the responses are related to receiving discounts and coupons (40% want to receive discounts and promotions, 36% want to get a freebie such as a free sample or coupons, and 30% want to get updates about future sales).  These results aren’t that different from prior research reports related to why people follow brands and companies on the social web.

The biggest takeaways from recent studies related to why people follow brands are:

  1. People want access to discounts and freebies.
  2. People want information about upcoming products before products hit stores.
  3. People want to have fun and be entertained.
  4. People want to learn through interesting, exclusive content that adds value to their lives.

That’s what you need to do to get people to like your brand on the social web.  Give people the four things listed above.  If they get those things, they’ll “like” your brand.  They’ll tell their friends about it.  And they’ll even join the conversation.  Why?  Because you’re engaging them by delivering what they want and need in an interesting, entertaining manner.

In other words, take the social web down to its most basic level.  What do customers want?  Those things are listed above.  Give those things to the online audience, and you’ll have taken your first step to social media marketing and online brand building success.

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