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The Marriott Brand Shows How Your Blog Can Be Successful

Mr. Bill Marriott of the Marriott Hotels takes time out of his busy schedule on a regular basis to write on his blog. As a busy executive, you would think that he has very little time to do such things and that he would also have a staff to handle such administrative functions. However, what Mr. Marriott is doing and what other business leaders should mimic is Mr. Marriott’s commitment to quality, his commitment to excellence and his unfailing commitment to the core of his business conglomeration – – the customers.

Blogs have quickly become a marketing magnet, enticing and attracting customers who otherwise may not have considered a product or service showcased in a blog. Companies who blog on a frequent basis and blogs that speak directly to the customer are more likely to be successful than those blogs that simply exist. Customers want to know that you have their needs and considerations in mind. They want to feel and see genuine customer service. Blogs contribute to this and fill this need by offering a connection between the company and its customer base. Customers (and competitors!) read blogs to see what the company is doing, what their future plans are and, again, to connect with the company on any level. Customers generally want to feel good about spending their money with you.

Maintaining blogs can help a company’s success rate, no matter how big or small the company is. Blogs are designed in nature to be a voice or a personality for the company, therefore establishing solid connections with the blogging audience is key in making the blog as successful as possible. Bill Marriott maintains a very connecting blog where he also allows others to comment on the blog and he even responds to those comments on occasion. While yes it is true that most executives are very busy individuals, what I believe is important here is the ability for an executive to connect directly with his readers and make a significant impact with his business. Let’s look at some elements of the blog to make that assessment:

  • Mr. Marriott writes and contributes to his blog on a frequent basis. Doing this is one way to ramp up your blog’s readership and show your level of concern for your readers. Giving them fresh, timely content on a regular basis makes readers come back for more.
  • The blog itself is easily navigable and a clean read. The eye doesn’t have to travel too hard or fight to find a comfortable reading level. Be sure that your business blog is easy to read as well so as to keep readers coming back for more. If there is any difficulty or not enough white space, you could possibly lose readers.
  • Lots of images and photos of Bill himself and of his numerous hotel locations. Ideal for businesses that are showcasing a product (like in this case, hotels) or something that you want customers to “see.” This helps customers make decisions quicker and are more inclined to add services or features on to their orders.

What is your blog doing to attract customers? How can you make your business blog more attractive to customers and invite them to comment?

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