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The First One Thousand

Corporate Eye 1000We’ve passed a significant milestone: over 1,000 posts published.

We celebrated reaching 500 posts just over a year ago, and, just as I did then, I’ve identified the most popular posts over the last year in each of our main areas of interest.

Not surprisingly, these cover a very wide range of topics, from the use of twitter in IR, through tuangou to transparency, and from leadership development through swine flu to diversity.

However, there does seem to be something of a trend in your focus towards discussion of transparency, ethics, responsibility and leadership, with a strong dose of branding and social media. There’s definitely food for thought for us in there…

I’m using Google Analytics and Statcounter to measure your interest in our posts – among other tools (more on tools in the next edition of our newsletter). According to Google, then, these are the topics you found most interesting over the last year.


Home Depot gets a slogan makeover
Best and worst brands in terms of value
McDonalds unleashes McCafe marketing blitzkrieg
10 trends for 2010 that affect branding, marketing and business
2010: the year of brand transparency, honesty and trust


Do Tesco’s fibs matter?
No more ethical businesses
CSR website benchmarking results announced
Kelloggs sustainability might produce results
FTSE 100 publishers: size doesn’t matter


WalMart improves its reputation
Leaders as teachers
Leadership development: context is the key
The Board’s role in corporate strategy
Effective corporate ethics Part 1


Customers targeted via email marketing
Sears sets social network strategy
Is tuangou the new networking hub?
Does your corporation need Twitter or a Facebook page?
Individual influencers and customer service


Preferred stock and investor relations websites
Annual reports: what’s next?
Twittering investor relations
Harness Twitter power for investor relations
Effective investor relations sites Part 1 (and the rest of the series…)


Best corporate career site? Another look at Yahoo
Leveraging LinkedIn
Diversity and the corporate website: four strategies
Circular motion: 2 views of employee referral
WSJ notices new recruiting trends

Whole Site

Future business trends
Chocolate, Cadbury and the corporate site
Swine flu and the corporate response
Corporate ethics and the art of balancing
David Hamill on good usability

We hope we’re providing posts that you find interesting and useful. If there are other topics you’d like us to cover, please let us know by commenting below, or by email – or tweet me.

If you’d like to read more, please browse the site; to receive regular updates in your feedreader, you can choose from our range of feeds in our RSS centre.

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