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The Case of Personal Branding: What Will Google Think of Next?

Add one more venue of marketing to your business’ arsenal of resources. Google has created a new way to connect via social networking on the web and it’s nothing short of awesome. At least, I think so.

On first glance and first read, you would think that the new resource is only for individuals or freelancers. I thought so too until I read further. Often with things like this, you really have to read, click and dig to find the value that it can bring to your company, and moreso than you as an individual.

Google’s new profile page gives companies AND individuals the ability to market themselves through their powerful search engine. And, what is so great about it is the way that it can all be done Google-style with the many features that the tool has to offer anyway. When it comes to social networking and fully expanding all resources, you need to be able to tap into ALL available resources and reach your target market.

As a business and as a corporate entity, have you established yourself solidly online? If not, are you at least working on establishing yourself and your business? In this era of technological and forward-thinking consumers, it is good, no necessary, to have a link to you from every aspect of the web. If you can’t be found, how will they find you?

Google has also made even more of a name for themselves with this new resource. When I first learned of it, I thought, “Great, like the web needs another social networking resource!” But, after I checked it out and saw how it could really be a benefit for corporate entities, I had to rethink my hasty opinion.

While I am a follower of Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn for business (and a little personal), this new Google tool is sure to capture an even greater segment of the population. Yes, I can certainly see value in it…but can you? Here are some ways that I thought of that a corporate entity can capitalize on this new Google toy:

  1. Use the resource to highlight company and corporate executives. Share information about their backgrounds and experience that will help customers decide to do business with you.
  2. Give details on the corporation’s locations/franchises/satellite offices. People often respond favorably when they can visualize or “see” something. Help them see it on your Google page.
  3. A picture is worth a thousand words. Upload a photo (or more than one) that customers can use also to feel connected. Or, place a relevant link to your page so they can go look for more on their own.

While I don’t think this new resource is going to replace the good old standby’s that are popular and working, I do think that it will find a place among them and stand out on its own. I set up my page today and will tweak it some more until it looks like I’d like it. Set up your Google page too and see if it’s going to be great for business. You just may be surprised!

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