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Texting: The New Corporate Communications

What is the next best most effective form of communication for corporate businesses?

Newsletters allow businesses to disseminate their information on a regular basis. Whether that’s weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly, corporate communications via newsletters has been a preferred method of communications for years. They can be managed online and offline, which can increase its marketability and effectiveness.

Blogging is another very popular form of corporate communications that has become an effective strategy for communicating with clients in most any business industry. It has taken the Internet by storm and allowed corporations and organizations to blossom within their niche and attract new customers. Some companies attribute blogging for increased sales and growing customer bases. As new business blogs are being added to the blogoshpere on a daily basis, the potential for any business’ growth is exponentially increased within each of their target markets.

But there is now a newer (although not new) form of communication that will soon prove to be the next “in” thing to do to communicate with customers: Text Messaging

Text messaging allows you to send short messages of 140-characters or less via a wireless instrument like your cell phone or Blackerry. Most any type of marketing message can be sent through text messaging and allow you to market and/or communicate more efficiently with customers. New technology allows businesses to send out short quips to their customer base about a myriad of topics; news, developments, product sales and product reviews. Customers enjoy texting because they’re able to get certain business information before it becomes available to the public. So how can text messaging help your media relations?

Standard blogging usually requires a full-time blogger and/or researcher to compile articles and posts and make them available to the public. This arrangement works well for some companies, but in other industries, a full-time blogger or writer can be an overkill, a bad match or economically unfeasible. In cases like these, it is more than appropriate and even suggested to do things that will reach as many people as possible and save money in the process. Text messaging could be the answer.

How Can Your Company Use Text Messaging Effectively ?

* If possible, assign a person to the task of texting your customers. Inform customers of sales, specials and discounts through this medium and always ask for their comments and opinions. This increases sales and your sites networking abilities.

* Communicate on a frequent basis with your clients.  Create brand identity and branding through communication and with customers.

* Send frequent text message updates to your customer data base to keep them alert on company developments and change.

What are some things that your company can do to make text messaging more effective? Can any industry benefit from texting? Can it be counter-productive for any business?

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