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Tell us when your share price changes

Not many companies provide this kind of functionality, but it is useful, enabling companies to push information to its investors and alert them to stock movements.

Although not all investors will be interested in this kind of tool, I’m sure some would be – and perhaps also some financial journalists at key times of the year, or around company transitions.
BAT stock alert
BAT will send an SMS alert twice a day – to registered users – keeping investors up to date.

Standard Chartered will send stock updates on request by email on a regular basis (daily or weekly) or whenever the stock price changes significantly. This is a clever idea: you tell Standard Chartered under what circumstances you’d like to be alerted – low price, high price or %change – and they’ll send you an email if that happens.
Standard Chartered Stock
This is a convenient way of keeping up to date with share price changes for companies in which you have an interest – especially if you think the price is going to fluctuate greatly in the next little while.

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