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Tangible Effects of Corporate Blogging

Media relations or any public relations efforts by corporations play an important marketing aspect in most any business. Whether the business is a a brick-and-mortar business, or whether it’s a home-based business, corporations want to make as significant an impact as possible with potential customers. They want to establish a long-term business relationship with customers and create a working relationship that will last for quite a while. Establishing this long-term working relationship does not have to be lengthy or complicated to be successful. The tenets of blogging will do just fine – – with the basic elements of journalistic style and quality in every post.

Although there are many, many avenues with which to market a business, blogging by far has grown to be one of the most popular and most widely used way to gain and retain customers. Corporate blogs have shown that not only are they widely read, but the information given in the blog is highly beneficial to business owners.

Blogopreneur made a post on their website about some of the benefits of corporate blogging and the multi-level benefits of blogging. While the list itself is not all encompassing, it does give great information on how corporate blogs can thrive on the internet. Very often, the main complaint from blog producers is that they cannot “see” the blogging benefits. However, blogging is not an instant gratification sport. It must be properly cultivated, strategically marketed and the content continually refreshed in order for it to be successful.

What Does Blogging Do For Your Business?

Aside from the immediate and instant exposure that blogging provides, corporations stand to gain an immense amount of media relations from their corporate blogs. For instance, in the case of, founder Bob Parsons has found success and a little fame even. Many readers, including myself, follow his blog and glean business and site development tips from his journal. His business has become of the elite few blogs that has garnered success as an information-presenting blog. Why is his blog so well-read? Mainly, I think, is because he provides timely, technology-relevant, up-to-date information from a CEO’s voice. Just how many corporate blogs do you know of where the CEO addresses the reading audience on a regular basis?

The kind of exposure that a well-written blog produces is invaluable. However, with good, solid and timely information, a corporate blog that is well-presented makes it even more valuable to its readers and to the corporation. This can create links from other websites and blogs and mentions of your blog on other blogs and websites. This can also create an internet buzz about your product or company.

Is Sales Tied to Your Blogging Efforts?

There was a very interesting post by Pilsa on their blog about blogging and the relationship that it has to sales. This question certainly asks whether or not there is a tangible factor in blogging, and the short answer is “yes.” Successful blogging is directly related to profitable sales. If your corporation is blogging and strategizing their media relations efforts towards being information producers, it would be almost inevitable that they would success in their profits as well.

Sales is the final result that is desired after a marketing campaign to get the customer to buy. In blogging, making succinct and crafty blog posts is akin to the “marketing” aspect of the business. The courting period between a potential customer and the company is the time where they get to know each other. The customer gets to see how the corporation views certain issues, how they are involved in their community and how serious they are about doing business with them. Blogging is that platform where this happens. Blogging doesn’t necessarily ask for the sale nor does it even hint towards one. But what blogging does do is provide enough information and slight motivation to make considerations towards a sale.

What strategies does your company utilize to campaign? How do they ‘ask for the sale?’

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Another awesome post. Your thoughts are so precise. I find corporate blogging a good idea if you can act like a human and not a robot.

Thanks for your comments Blog Expert! Corporate blogging IS a good idea if everyone would embrace it whole-heartedly.

The irony is that MOST visitors to a corporate blog are NEW visitors and companies don’t capitalize on them appropriately. Creating a sound strategy that encompasses landing page best practices and distinct, measurable, calls-to-action can provide companies with a lucrative inbound marketing strategy. We have 300 clients doing this on our platform.

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