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Summary Post October 17, 2010

  • Mixing Oil and Water
    We all have a water footprint; some of us have larger ones than others. (You can assess your personal water footprint here)
    Companies also have water footprints, and this will vary across sector: if you’re a services provider, then your footprint will inevitably be smaller than if you use water as part of your operational processes. […]
  • Alphabetical Order: More about the Candidate Experience
    As noted in the previous post about candidate experience, Peter DeVries offers some interesting suggestions about talent technology in his post on Overcomplicating the Candidate Experience.
    Problem 1: “You have a compelling story to share with candidates, but based on the current paradigm with ATS (Applicant Tracking System) providers, you lose much of your ability […]
  • Research Shows Advertising Creative is More Important than Media Buy
    New research from comScore ARS Group provides a new vision of the marketing budget with creative positioned to take a bigger chunk of the upfront investment in advertising than media placement.  The question is whether or not companies will actually take the research to heart and apply it to their own marketing strategies and budgets.
    Let’s […]
  • Goodbye New Gap Logo – Welcome Back Old Gap Logo
    Last week, I published a post here on Corporate Eye about the debate over the new Gap logo.  This week, Gap is taking a new step to put out the controversial fire that the new logo started.  Exactly one week after the new logo debuted on the Gap website, the company announced that the old […]
  • Green advertising: Feeling the pressure 1/2
    An interesting sea change has caught my eye over the past 12 months : the stricter regulation of green advertising.
    Eight months ago we reported how Denmark was introducing tough measures to stamp out greenwashing.  The announcement said:
    Environmental or ethical claims in marketing should therefore be correct and precise and exaggerations as to the […]
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