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Strategic Advertising in Media Relations

Media relation companies help bring exposure to organizations that have a message and a mission to share with their target audience. They do this by utilizing several approaches to contact advertising by gauging what works best and in what setting(s).

Recently, KCSA, a strategic communications organization, partnered with Tru-Media Technologies to deliver a public relations package that will bring them the exposure that they are seeking for their product – increased sales by the use of Out-of-Home (OOH) Advertising. Their joint venture was announced on June 9, 2008 via a Press Release by The Earth Times.

TruMedia Technologies is a provider of digitally automated audience measurement solutions that record the effects of and tracks audience’s responses to out-of-home advertising on digital screens, TV monitors, posters, display windows and in-store product displays.

Their goal is to gauge customers’ response to strategically placed ads and utilize the medium which works best.

Media companies seek to promote organizations through the use of strategic advertising. Whatever proves to be most useful, most successful and can reach the largest and widest audience possible is what they seek. The goal in bringing the most potential customers to a product is met by subtle and strategic ad placement.

There are four types of advertising that are highly effective in customer attraction. They include Print, Radio, Internet and Out-of-Home (OOH) Advertising. Out of these four, while the first three are most popular, the Out-of-Home advertising is the medium that Tru-Media will be utilizing heavily. KCSA will help bring out that fact.

Tru-Media’s goal is to reach a niche-based audience, one that buys emotionally and directly from the effects of their marketing strategy on their decision to buy.

They will gauge the audience’s response to their advertising campaigns and use those results to market to their potential advertisers. If this is done effectively and correctly, the relationship that TruMedia establishes with their advertisers could be a romantic business interlude, lasting for long periods of time. However, for that relationship to be successful, they need the assistance of Public Relations firms like KSCA to bring their service to the forefront.

KCSA will deliver a strategically designed campaign to introduce specific brands, advertising and the advertising activities to TruMedia’s complete range of products and services. TruMedia has hired KCSA with the complete intention of maximizing their voice(s) in the market place. Essentially, the more well-known or commonly-heard their method of advertising is, the more potential customers will want to become a part of their activities. TruMedia has definitely made a crafty move in employing a public relations firm with clout like that of KSCA.

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