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Hiring the right candidate should be easy. After all, there are plenty of jobseekers out there, aren’t there? A recent study in the US revealed that 3 in 4 full-time employees were actively looking for new opportunities. Back in the UK, an ILM survey painted a similar picture, with 37% of employees planning to leave their current roles in 2015. And don’t forget all those hungry hotshot graduates entering the workforce every year!

So why … Read the rest


I have a confession to make. I once had to interview three candidates for a job. Selecting the best candidate was hard – all three were pretty impressive, but after a lot of thinking (and coffee) I made a choice which turned out pretty well. During the interviews, I’d told all the candidates I’d give them feedback, whatever my decision. But I was very busy in the week after the interviews, and the only one … Read the rest


Most of us are very well connected these days.

I’m not talking about knowing the right people, but about technology—smartphones, tablets, and laptops give us a lot of mobility and potential to do research and shop from just about anywhere. That is why it is important for businesses to show a unified front when it comes to customer experience. Your site should look the same and have the same functionality no matter what device you’re … Read the rest


How many other people have the same name as you?

There are a lot of Lucy Nixons. As well as several in the UK, I know there’s an estate agent in America, as well as a Lucy who does equine Reiki treatment. In Australia there’s an illustrator and a cyclist… and there must be more.

Plenty of scope for confusion, especially since we obviously have similar email addresses. In recent weeks I have:


Today’s post comes from Chris Lee, and talks about choosing when to use different kinds of language when recruiting: using the right tool for the job. I thought it aligned neatly with our earlier posts about plain English, and with our posts about recruitment. Over to you, Chris…

Effective communication during the recruitment process

Normally, when a business tries to communicate what it does to the wider population it tries to avoid using esoteric terminology. … Read the rest