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What makes a company blog stand out from the crowd?

Whether it’s a corporate blog that reflects the company brand or its a blog that focuses on a single product or service brand, there are several elements that must be present in order for a company blog to be a successful.

Following are five key elements that go into developing a company blog that people will actually want to visit and read along with some … Read the rest

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This year, nearly 146 million people in the United States will shop using mobile devices. They’ll be “window” shopping as well as researching and comparing different types of products and specific brands. Over 102 million of them will actually make a purchase using a mobile device this year.

Those statistics come from eMarketer and put the importance of mobile marketing into perspective. However, the mobile marketing funnel is longer than you might think.

According to … Read the rest


Being rejected in life is a normal thing that happens to everyone once in a while.

It’s not much different in the corporate world. I remember when I received rejection letters in the past. Somehow the content was always very similar, they included words such as “unsuccessful”, “unfortunately”, “unable to consider you for this position”, “regret to inform you” etc. That’s surely something that nobody enjoys reading. Therefore, I would like to provide you with … Read the rest