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brand storytelling

How do you come up with ideas for brand storytelling? Buyer personas can become characters and consumer problems can become story conflicts, but brand stories should cover external and internal stories. To effectively communicate your brand promise through brand storytelling, you need to tell the whole story.

This is where your company culture can become a source of many brand story ideas. A powerful company culture that executives truly live and which trickles down through … Read the rest

online banking

Nearly three out of four British consumers avoid companies that regularly have technical problems. That data comes from research by Delphix, a data virtualization company. In fact, ongoing technical problems will motivate 42% of British consumers to switch their business to a different company and another 40% will consider moving their business to another company.

Not only do British consumers have little tolerance for technical problems, they also have high expectations for the type … Read the rest


Tumblr referrals just got bumped up higher on many brands’ priority lists. The 2014 U.S. Mobile Benchmark Report from Adobe Digital Index was released this month, and Tumblr referrals were found to drive the highest revenue per visit (RPV) from mobile devices.

Driving $2.57 per visit generated to a retail site on tablets and $0.67 on smartphones, Tumblr outpaced Facebook which only drove $1.55 on tablet devices and $0.42 on smartphones. Both Twitter and Pinterest … Read the rest

company culture

Which brand do you prefer as a consumer—Apple or Google? Which company would you rather work for as an employee—Apple or Google? Which company would you rather invest in as a shareholder—Apple or Google?

Are your answers to those questions the same or different? For many people, their answers will be different because we prioritize different factors when evaluating a brand as a consumer versus as an employee or investor.

As Google and Apple trade … Read the rest