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For the past 14 years, MailerMailer has been conducting an annual email marketing study. This year’s Email Marketing Metrics Report, which was released this month, analyzed 1.18 billion email messages that were sent during 2013. Email marketing is still an extremely effective marketing tool, so brand marketers should pay attention to these findings.

The good news is that email marketing open rates increased in 2013. The bad news is that click rates decreased in … Read the rest


I recently invited Carl Jones, founder and MD of Technically Compatible, to write a post for us about social media recruiting. Technically Compatible offer online skills testing software for recruitment.

Over to you Carl!

The permeation of social media into society has drastically altered the way individuals and companies interact with one another. There are now a myriad of channels at a brand’s disposal to get their message across. Recruitment in the digital age … Read the rest

money yes no

More than one out of two American mobile device users (58%) prefer to download mobile apps that are free but include in-app advertising than apps that cost money to download or require payment within the app later to access additional features. This data comes from October 2014 research by Zogby Analytics for the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA), which surveyed 1,015 U.S. adults who have downloaded mobile apps.

Just how much does charging for mobile apps … Read the rest


Brands are consistently challenged when it comes to connecting with millennials on social media. This is an audience that isn’t quick to like a brand on Facebook, but there are some brands that are succeeding. In fact, some of those brands might surprise you.

According to a new study by Moosylvania, an advertising agency, millennials are willing to connect with brands on social media, but they’re very particular about the brands they let into … Read the rest

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There is a gap between marketing technology, data, strategy and results. For marketers who are in the trenches marketing brands every day, this statement isn’t surprising. It’s simply a statement of fact. Yes, there are tons of tools available to integrate technology into marketing strategy, leverage massive amounts of data, and drive big results. However, actually using those tools to attain those big results is a hurdle that most marketers are still far from surmounting.… Read the rest