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The State of Digital Coupons report from RetailMeNot and Forrester Consulting reveals that digital coupons are still a critical method of building brand loyalty and generating sales.

In fact, coupons are the most effective method of influencing customer purchase decisions with survey respondents ranking coupons twice as effective as sales (59% vs. 28%) and more than six times more effective than daily deal vouchers (9%).

Furthermore, more than two out of three consumers believe that … Read the rest

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The generation gap among digital consumers in the U.K. keeps getting bigger according to new research from Ofcom.

Every day, more people consume more digital media, content, and communications. The research found that the average U.K. adult spends over half of their waking hours engaged in some kind of media or communications activity. The use of multi-screen multi-tasking by 99% of U.K. adults enables them to conduct 11 hours of communications and media activities … Read the rest


What does your brand promise to consumers? Does your company culture reflect that promise?

Your employees are your most powerful brand advocates. Do they believe your brand promise? Do they live that promise every day at work?

If your company culture doesn’t match your brand promise, then there is no reason for employees to believe it or advocate your brand. Instead, they’ll be reminded every day that the company’s message to customers is very … Read the rest

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According to research from Ebuzzing, the biggest threat to online video advertising is not click fraud but rather “click away” user behavior. In other words, users are annoyed by online video ads and click away from them when they load in their video players.

The research revealed that 36% of video ads are not viewable worldwide. Furthermore, 50% of video ads purchased directly from video publishers are not viewable, and 66% of video ads … Read the rest