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On September 4, LEGO announced its revenue increased by 11% and net profits increased by 14% during the first six months of 2014, which means it surpassed the former leader, Mattel (the maker of Barbie).

How did a company that sells primarily one type of product—plastic bricks in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes—topple Mattel? The short answer is the success of The LEGO Movie, which achieved box office sales over $469 million. … Read the rest

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Google changes. We all know this. What Google releases today might not be here tomorrow. One thing is certain when it comes to Google, if the company isn’t getting the results it needs from a product or service, it shows no mercy. That product or service is eliminated—and quickly.

But when does change become too much for consumers? At what point do consumers reach change overload and turn away from a brand in search of … Read the rest

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Page views, clicks, conversions—they’re harder to track today than ever before despite the fact that brand marketers have more tools to do so. The problem is the fragmented brand experience that happens as consumers interact with branded content and communications across multiple devices in a single day, a single hour, and even in a single minute.

Consumer behavior has changed so much in the past few years with the maturation of the mobile device market. … Read the rest

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Nearly three out of four brand marketers (71%) who use video as a form of marketing content agree that brand video content converts better than other content, such as text and image content, sales, and downloads.

That comes from the Video Content Marketing: Identifying Metrics and Measuring Impact study conducted by Demand Metric for Vidyard. Of the 235 B2B marketers who responded to the study survey, 86% are actively measuring the effectiveness of their video … Read the rest