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Many of you work in multinational companies, and so are likely to need to present to audiences of different nationalities, whether it is an internal or an external presentation.

I invited Cathy Wellings of Communicaid to share some of her advice in a guest post today; of course, much of what Cathy discusses is also relevant to the presentation of your corporate website.

Over to you, Cathy!

Challenging and daunting, yet rewarding and at times … Read the rest

Social media is the ever-more-popular way to market your business and if you haven’t done so already I sincerely recommend jumping on the band wagon as it is a worthwhile move. This is because when used correctly and to its maximum potential it can be one of the most powerful and cost effective marketing strategies at your disposal. That is why I have put together this guide to making the most out of corporate social … Read the rest

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LinkedIn is one of the top social networking sites for businesses to be on in terms of lead generation: a Hubspot survey earlier this year stated that the effectiveness of LinkedIn for lead generation is 277% higher than that of Twitter and Facebook.

But in order to unlock LinkedIn’s potential, it is first important to ensure that your company page is optimised and all the important features are being taken advantage of. This guide will … Read the rest

Google+ is one of the newest social networks, only having been launched in 2011, and is therefore not usually the first network people think of when social media is mentioned. And with social media still being very new to many, a lot of companies want to stick to the ‘traditional’ Facebook and Twitter networks as they have only just grasped these, rather than venture into territories unknown.

But since Google made some important changes to … Read the rest

Twitter is one of the most popular social media channels, and has one of the broadest audiences of all. There are personal users, professional users and SMBs, global corporations, people from all walks of life, all in one place so to speak. That is why it is one of the greatest resources for building brand relationships on both a B2B and B2C level. But with so many people on there, the competition for audience’s attention … Read the rest