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Ever remember handing out a bulging folder packed with all your company’s details, press releases, and bios, called a ‘press kit’? Well the good news is, no-one has to lug around those heavy folders any more.

The Digital Switchover

Since the digital age is upon us, press kits as we know them have changed immensely, moving into an online format now known as a ‘newsroom’. The beauty of this new format is that, not only … Read the rest

Gone are the days when actual physical folders called ‘press kits’ were handed to journalists by PR people, jammed full of a company’s recent press releases, bios for management teams, fact sheets, case studies, and other press related information on the company.

Instead, press kits have been streamlined and digitised, much to the pleasure of all in the news industry, making them easily accessible, searchable, environmentally friendly and comparatively lightweight.

From Page to Webpage

The … Read the rest

corporate social media

Social media from a corporate point of view is an important part of branding, customer service and online marketing. Get it right and your brand’s revenue and reputation could rocket, get it wrong and the damage could be irreparable. So it is important to know the basic etiquette of having a presence on social media, which is why I have put together some do’s and don’ts of using social media in the corporate world.

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Social media is a truly remarkable product in that it’s completely free to most users. Though we all have Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts at our easy disposal, we’ve never paid a penny.

The flip-side of that is that, every now and again, we do end up having to suffer a few adverts. But, if these are well targeted, tasteful and easy to avoid then we can’t have too many complaints.

The nature of these … Read the rest

Press releases have been the main tool of the marketing and PR trade for as long as marketing and PR have existed. Originating from the early 1900s, the press release has undergone some superficial format changes but the underlying purpose remains almost unchanged.

However, in recent years the press release as we once knew it—a paper document sent to news publications in order to promote a company’s recent achievements—has undergone a major change. As the … Read the rest