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tThe night lights of Europe

Last November Two Tomorrows published their 2012 Tomorrow’s Value Research report.

It was a bit of an eye opener.

The drive for transparency, the report concluded, is distracting businesses from tackling issues and many risk losing sight of the overall sustainability picture.

A telling statistic is that only half the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) supersector members measured up to Two Tomorrows’ “leadership” criteria.  You would have expected these to be unanimously in the … Read the rest

blue amusement business

Last month I was reviewing the latest events in EU corporate reform when I came across the concept of a European Company, or SE, and how it embraces employee participation in management decision making.

Making a mental note to come back and investigate I moved on.

So here we are .. investigating.

One of the principal commercial drivers of the European Union is to create an open market where national borders dissolve as barriers to … Read the rest

Mr Anderson

“I am not a big fan of the prefix “neo”,” writes James Murray, editor of Business Green

“It makes me think of Nazis…

“Marxists …

“and Keanu Reeves in the Matrix.”

Granted, anything which reminds you of Keanu Reeves is generally worth avoiding, the Matrix doubly so because it’s got Hugo Weaving’s clodhoppers all over it as well.  He was a rubbish Elrond, period.

But I digress.

These words are the opening of a rather Read the rest

CSR through the eyes of indigenous people

As the economic and social certainties of yester-century fade before our eyes and a new form of business starts to shape itself around ideas of responsibility and sustainability, a few countries come to the fore as nexuses of change happening right before our eyes(*).

One of those places is Colombia.

For many years—decades—Colombia was a hotbed of insurgency and insurrection.  Competing factions of communist rebels and wealthy drugs cartels sprang up across the country and … Read the rest