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Earlier this week I was lucky enough to attend the 12th Annual Responsible Business Summit in London which was superbly hosted by Ethical Corporation. Having predominantly experienced investor relations conferences, I was full of enthusiasm for the wealth of new information and ideas about to assault my senses, and two full days later, I am pleased to say that it was an incredibly interesting and perhaps I could even say, an inspiring event.

A … Read the rest

Are you going to the Responsible Business Summit?

It’s next week, so you’ve not got long to clear your diary, but it does look good. (See the agenda).

Key topics for discussion include:

  • Collaboration
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Trust
  • Supply Chain
  • Resource Constraints

I’m particularly looking forward to the discussions on resource scarcity. This is a growing area of interest for companies; for example, water usage is increasingly monitored and reductions sought as part … Read the rest


One of the blogs I keep my little beady eye upon is “Civilising the Economy” by Marvin Brown, professor of business ethics at the University of San Francisco.  You can get  a measure of the man and his writing from the blog’s strapline:

My goal here is not to think outside the box but change the box we think in.

Anyway, a recent post he’s put up is about developing a new course on the Read the rest


Occasionally (just occasionally) I get mistaken for a rabid anti-corporate watermelon* who froths blood at the mouth and would give the most ardent exorcist a run for their money.

Not a bit of it.  It’s just that I’ve had it bred into me that if you create nexuses (nexii?) which are too large they become catastrophic single points of failure… as evinced very neatly by the ongoing banking crisis.

However there is also something to … Read the rest