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My last post reviewed the major stakeholder groups who have an interest in good corporate governance. The focus of this post is that corporate governance starts with the Board of Directors.

Simply put, the Board reports to the company’s owners (stockholders) and its essential responsibilities include the duty to: Read more

  • Provide the “tone at the top” on values and the corporate culture
  • Establish corporate strategy
  • Hire and compensate the senior staff, the C-Suite
  • Satisfy stockholder financial
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Corporate Governance is in the news–again. Despite recent laws such as Dodd-Frank in the US, Corporate Governance continues to be a problem. Recent events such as the bankruptcy of MF Global, the $5.8 billion trading loss at JP Morgan and the trial of Rajat Gupta all indicate that good Corporate Governance is still wanting. An article  in The European Financial Review states–

The systemic failure of corporate governance is particularly associated with the Anglo-American corporate

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Board of Directors

I suspect that many people have no idea what a big impact non-executive directors (NEDs) can have on an organisation.

If anything, the man on the Clapham omnibus probably thinks of non-execs – if he’s heard of them at all – as white men with grey hair who get together every so often for a quick meeting and a decent lunch, in exchange for a sizeable chunk of change.

Although Boards are struggling with many … Read the rest


It is time for a new corporate governance editorial focus. Why?

Corporate governance has a long history, perhaps beginning as far back as the 4th century BC, when the Chinese philosopher Mencius argued that it is acceptable to overthrow corrupt or unjust rulers, through the establishment of joint stock companies (perhaps as early as the 13th century, but certainly by the 17th century) and stock exchanges to facilitate the sale of stock, to the US … Read the rest Read more


I invited Kenneth Kendrick, who has experience of whistle-blowing, for his views on how companies should communicate their openness to such reporting on their corporate websites. Kenneth is looking for work at the moment: he’s open to various types of work, but is looking for quality assurance or advocacy work. If you can help, you can contact him by email.

How to get employees to report unethical practices before your business suffers

Known … Read the rest