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We live with two dogs:

  • an intelligent and patient collie/lab cross, who can’t resist carrot cake icing (yes, she ate my birthday cake)
  • and a ditsy, hyperactive and very needy springer/lab cross, who struggles with anything new or strange.

Our springer cross has a metaphorical emotional sink into which the stresses of her day (people at the door, other dogs across a field, quadbikes passing in the lane, cows looking at her over the fence, … Read the rest

Attention and calm technology

A while ago, a study by Microsoft suggested that the human attention span is now about 8 seconds – shorter than that of a goldfish. Now that grabbed some media attention, even though the study wasn’t necessarily good science.

Is it really true that our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter? Certainly we are all busy-busy, and the technology that we’re using tends to interrupt us, disrupting our attention. On … Read the rest

I invited Joseph O’Brien—a writer with an interest in media and technology—to write a post for us about online video and storytelling.

Once upon a time…more like Once upon a click: video narratives are increasingly the medium in which people choose to tell their brand stories. The power of narrative storytelling transcends different media, but storytelling and video particularly thrive in the digital marketplace. The power of online video as endlessly interactive and Read the rest

Websites are like grocery store shelves – users pay selective attention to only certain items. 

Do you know what your readers are actually seeing on your website?

Of all the variables affecting the success of a box of cereal, grocery shelf positioning is at the top of the list. [1] In fact, the optimum shelf height for selling a box of cereal is 60 inches (152 cm) high [2].

The strategy behind grocery shelf placement … Read the rest

Your reader can, at best, process 7 pieces of information at a time. But did you know that at any given moment, they’re being bombarded by over 11,000,000 bits of information?[1]

The conscious mind cannot even begin to process the remaining 10,999,960 but their subconscious can  – and does so as every minute passes.

When reading your content, the subconscious mind is submerged in a flurry of processing – identifying, processing, and filtering out … Read the rest