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What do you call that object you use to change the channels when you’re watching television?

In our house, we call it the pointy-click, which caused huge hilarity among the teens’ friends when this was revealed. It turned out, of course, that they all used different names for it… one called it the flicker-flacker, another called it the box, and so on. Personally, I think ‘pointy-click’ is very apt.

It didn’t seem as though anyone … Read the rest

Recently I went to a Communicate conference, where the topic for discussion was mobile apps and what is considered best practice for corporate communications: should we continue to use apps for corporate communications or is there a better alternative in the form of responsive technology?

I was treated to presentations from Adobe, Barclays and Nestle amongst others. Following a discussion on the latest trends, companies shared their approach to apps and where they fit … Read the rest


It’s easy for a company to say ‘We support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ on their website. Indeed, it would be astonishing to find a company prepared to say that it didn’t.

But how can you demonstrate that you genuinely do, and that you actively consider human rights in your business? Showing is always better than telling…

Here are a few examples of what some of the biggest companies do when discussing human rights … Read the rest


In the past, marketing always had something of a natural lifespan. Posters would be taken down, flyers would find their way to the bins and even the TV ad would start to become wearing. Content lifespan fitted quite naturally with the length of a recruitment campaign or a sales drive and even if things didn’t align perfectly, most marketing initiatives died a natural death.

The birth of the internet, however, means this isn’t the case … Read the rest


Tomorrow’s World was the BBC’s flagship science programme for decades, and – as I remember it – always predicted an exciting future. One of the 1979 editions included a prototype for a cordless telephone… others included an item on the office of the future, and on the first home computer terminal.

Here we are in that future, and yes, we have mobile phones and ‘home computers’. (No robots in my office yet though).

And the … Read the rest