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According to a new infographic from Baynote, data plays an important roe in the online purchase path (see the infographic at the end of this article), but few companies are effectively navigating through the opportunities and roadblocks that all of the data creates.

The infographic breaks the online path to purchase into five distinct steps: discovery, research/intent, interest/checkout, after the sale, and path to purchase future considerations.

Let’s take a look at some of the … Read the rest

laptop content marketing

If you’re struggling to find employee buy-in to support your content marketing plan, fighting for every content marketing budget dollar, and disappointed with content marketing performance measurement options, you’re not alone. According to The State of Enterprise Content Marketing 2014 report from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), many senior-level marketers feel the same way.

The data came from the CMI Executive Form held in San Francisco, California in May with 40 senior-level marketers discussing the … Read the rest

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The most respected brand of 2014 is Coca-Cola while the least respected is Delta Airlines.

The ranking of the most and least respected brands of 2014 comes from the Brand Respect 2014 report from CoreBrand. Using its Corporate Branding Index, which is a 23-year quantitative study, CoreBrand’s team analyzed 1,000 corporate brands (not product or divisional brands) that have been publicly traded for more than five years, and have been tracked by its Index for … Read the rest

facebook mobile app

New research from Facebook’s Marketing Science team identifies three keys to designing effective online ads as well as a variety of recommendations and warnings about things to avoid.

The researchers studied 350 brands in 18 industries between October 2013 and March 2014 by recruiting 700 people from around the world to rate more than 1,500 ads that ran in their Facebook News Feeds.

Using the data collected, the team identified the following recommendations for online … Read the rest