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holiday shopping sale

For consumer product brands that offer their products for sale in the United States, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are very important sales days. For years, brand marketers have reduced prices, opened retail locations early, and invested heavily in advertising to get a jump on holiday shopping sales. However, consumer behaviors are changing, and brand marketers have to shift their marketing strategies to meet changing consumer demands.

Whether consumer behaviors are changing by choice or … Read the rest

instagram app icon

The Simply Measured Q3 2014 Instagram study reveals that 86% of the top 100 global brands, according to Interbrand’s annual ranking, have Instagram accounts. Of those top brands that are on Instagram, 76% post at least one photo or video per week. Back in 2012, Simply Measured reported that only 54% of the top brands were on Instagram.

Leading brands are spending time on Instagram for good reasons. Their audiences are growing and … Read the rest


My last post reviewed techniques some companies use to improve the technology knowledge of Board and C-Level executives. Executives need this knowledge to make effective Innovation Governance decisions. 

To be sure, not every innovation fully involves some type of technological influence,  however as McKinsey consultants indicate most do:

The technology lens assesses feasibility and often provides benefits that can create and sustain competitive advantage. Technology, broadly defined, is the enabler of almost all innovative products, services,

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If you advertise your brand online, then you’re familiar with the challenges in buying and selling premium online ad inventory for advertisers and publishers. Last year, Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo! and Yieldex started working on a standard API that would standardize buying and selling of premium inventory through programmatic technologies.

The group set a goal to shift more than 50% of inventory that was sold manually to programmatic trading. Ultimately, they hoped the shift would also … Read the rest

agile executive maze

Is your Chief Marketing Officer (or Chief Brand Officer – or whatever title you use to refer to the executive who is responsible for your company’s brands) agile? If your CMO isn’t agile, you’re losing money.

That’s according to a new research report, The Agile Enterprise, from Korn Ferry, a leadership and talent consulting firm. According to the firm’s research, companies with highly agile executives have 25% higher profit margins compared with their … Read the rest